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Member of "Innovative Crystal" enterprises

2023-03-06 991 Source:Eyevolution

On January 26, 2021, the signing ceremony for the first batch of innovative crystal settled enterprises was successfully held in the training room on the third floor of innovative crystal. Car Right Intelligence and Aiguan Vision have become the first batch of international innovation collaboration zone AI representative enterprises to settle in Innovation Crystal, marking that Innovation Crystal has officially become a new landmark of Lingang New Area and begun to play a demonstration driving effect. It has important strategic significance for Lingang New Area to seize the global highland of technological innovation and industrial development.


Weng Kaining, Deputy Secretary and Vice President of the Party Committee of Lingang Group, Shi Juebing, Secretary of the Party Committee of Lingang Technology City Company, Chen Jiong, Chairman and General Manager, Ding Jianmin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Li Ziwei, Deputy General Manager, Xu Lixin, Deputy General Manager, Wang Li, founder of Cheyou Intelligent, Wang Lei, Chief Supervisor of Aiguan Visual Technology, and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.


Wang Lei, Technical Director of Aiguan Vision, stated that the "Brain Intelligence Engineering" project in the International Innovation Collaborative Zone has connected basic brain science research to brain like intelligence technology, and Aiguan Vision has found many like-minded partners here. In the future, the bionic eyes of Aiguan Vision will showcase their skills in the international innovation collaboration zone, which is a hot spot for innovation, and be applied to many fields such as robotics, unmanned driving, and drones.


In the future, the settled enterprises will grow more vigorously on the precious land of Lingang New Area. We also look forward to more and more high-quality enterprises landing here. Lingang Science and Technology City Company will continue to do a good job in construction and future service work, ensuring that enterprises work happily and live conveniently.

Aiguan Vision was founded in 2016. Its founder, Dr. Xiaolin Zhang, led his team in the research of machine vision, bionic control, and neural networks for more than 20 years. It redefined machine vision from the perspective of brain like bionics. The company has the bionic binocular technology of engineering reproduction of "eyes", which realizes the three-dimensional reconstruction of movable eyes for the first time in the world; Positioning navigation, three-dimensional semantic segmentation, and internationally leading 3D saliency judgment functions.

Wang Lei, Director of Aiguan Visual Technology, introduced the company's biomimetic binocular technology to everyone. This technology has a huge disruptive effect on existing visual products and has played a good role in promoting and promoting the application of machine vision in various industries.


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