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Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Deep Pupil

ITOF technology depth camera

Built in 6-axis IMU

Synchronous output of depth and visible light

USB2.0 output

Deep Eyes  is an RGBD camera developed by its subsidiary Hefei Zhongke Aiguan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. based on iTOF technology, with an effective range of 0.2-4m. It is equipped with a laser emitting and receiving module, a visible light camera, and a 6-axis IMU, providing customers with stable depth images, color images, point clouds, IMU, and other data.

At the same time, the deep pupil depth camera supports real-time hardware synchronization of depth images and visible light images, and uses a USB2.0 interface to output data. The built-in EMMC can be used to store data. Implement application requirements in fields such as 3D tracking, object recognition, and 3D reconstruction.

TOF cameras have a wide range of application scenarios, including industrial, facial recognition, logistics, security monitoring, health, gaming, entertainment, movie effects, 3D printing, robotics, and other fields.

Industrial field:TOF cameras can be used as HMI (Human Machine Interface) in highly automated factories, where workers and machines need to work closely together. TOF cameras can be used to control safe distances in various situations.

Face recognition: The brightness and depth information of TOF cameras can be connected through models to quickly complete facial matching and detection.

Logistics industry: Quickly obtain the volume of packages through TOF cameras.

Machine vision: Equipment for safety production control based on infrared light that occupies a large amount of space in industrial positioning, industrial guidance, and volume estimation, replacing workstations.

Robots: Utilizing deep vision for navigation, identifying external environments, planning paths, and achieving obstacle avoidance functions, can be applied to various types of robots.

Medical and Biological: Patient Activity Monitoring

Interactive entertainment:gesture detection, facial expression recognition, entertainment advertising, etc. In addition, during film and television production, TOF cameras can attach depth information to video images, accurately determining the spatial position of each pixel in the scene. Through simple post processing, special effects props can be inserted into any position in the movie.

Product Information

Product Information



Applicable Scenarios

Indoor&semi outdoor

Depth FOV

H64° V50.1° D78°

Depth Range


Relative Accuracy


Deep Data Format


Infrared Data Format


Depth Unit


Depth Resolution Frame Rate


Color Image FOV


Color Data Format


Color Resolution Frame Rate





6-axis IMU

Acceleration frequency:<=1000Hz

Angular velocity frequency:<=1000Hz

Support operating system


Data Output


Power Supply Mode


Power Supply Requirements

DC 5V/3A

Electric Fan


Operation Temperature

-10°C -50°C

Power Supply


Storage Temperature


Overall Size


Installation Method

Bottom installation: 1x1/4-20unc screw holes