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Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Intelligent Robot

Multi-sensor fusion perception - based on AI technology for multiple reliable sensing

Maintenance-free design - adaptive control in unmanned scenarios

Visual navigation and recognition-No need for adjustment on site, fast and accurate identification of targets

360-degree anti-collision sensing - ensuring efficient and safe handling process

Multi-machine collaboration - completing MES system docking and multi-machine scheduling in the cloud

Layout optimization - Complete scheduling optimization plan based on work order big data

AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) refers to a robot that can intelligently understand the environment and move autonomously within it. AMR perceives the on-site environment through multimodal sensors (LiDAR, camera, ultrasonic radar, etc.), analyzes the perception data using intelligent algorithms, and can form an understanding of the on-site environment. Based on this, AMR independently selects the most effective way and path to perform tasks. AMR generally has rich environmental perception ability, on-site dynamic path planning ability, flexible obstacle avoidance ability, and global positioning ability.

EvoBot is designed based on bionic multi-sensing fusion technology and is an adaptive control AMR solution suitable for unmanned environments.

Development and Support

Multiple complementary sensing ensures accurate perception.

AI-based state analysis, adaptive parameter adjustment, and fault prediction.

Rapid deployment without site adjustment and multimachine collaborative operation plan.

Supports 8-inch/12-inch Fab factories, supports different specifications of machines and custom E-Rack shelves

Product Information

Product Information

Composition of EvoBot-S750 robot