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Stereo vision technology

Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Stereo vision technology

The principle of binocular stereo vision technology is to obtain the distance of the same object based on the positional deviation (also known as parallax) of the imaging in the left and right eyes (cameras) of the same object.

Compared to monocular vision, binocular vision can enhance the perception information from two-dimensional to three-dimensional while completing all the functions of monocular vision. It can complete more visual algorithm functions and assist the system in intelligent decision-making through accurate environmental perception.

The white paper on the development of China's industrial machine vision industry believes that 3D vision will become the "fourth breakthrough in visual technology after black and white to color, low resolution to high resolution, and static to dynamic images".

Our company has broken through the limitations of checkerboard calibration (Zhang's calibration method) and successfully developed the principles of dynamic calibration, axial eye calibration, and virtual parallel vision, achieving high-performance stereo vision for dynamic binoculars for the first time internationally. Due to the emergence of dynamic binocular stereo vision systems, long-distance and large-scale stereo vision has become possible, especially with the use of biomimetic eyes on motion carriers, which can eliminate all motion blur and ensure that clear targets are always within the field of view, making machine vision as applicable to all machines as biological eyes. Therefore, the fifth breakthrough in visual technology will be considered as a "breakthrough from static binocular stereo vision to dynamic stereo vision".

Real time depth calculation and video effects of 3D point cloud reconstruction for biomimetic BinoSense S400

Unlike traditional binocular vision technology, our team has high-precision real-time online calibration technology, greatly expanding the application scenarios of binocular vision. This technology can solve the problem of structural deformation when traditional fixed binocular devices are used in environments such as high temperature and vibration; Can solve the problem of difficult dual target setting for long baselines; It can also solve the problem of changes in internal and external parameters caused by changes in camera position or focal length of biomimetic eyes developed based on biomimetic binocular technology.

At the same time, the online calibration technology and dense Iterative reconstruction technology possessed by the team can achieve real-time operation effect on the embedded platform.

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