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Anhui Eyevolution Technology Co., Ltd.

Anhui Eyevolution Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Aiguan) was founded in 2016 by Dr.Xiaolinzhang, Not only did Dr. Zhang lead his team in researches of machine vision, bionic control, and neural network for over 20 years, his idea has also redefined machine vision from the brain-aspired bionicsperspective. From a practical stand point, his proposition of bionic binocular visionhas had a revolutionary impact on existing visual products,,which significantly promoted and facilitated the application ofmachine vision in all industries.

Starting with a group of returned oversea doctoral graduates, the company continued to show efforts in spreading and promoting brain-inspired intelligence as well as bionic vision concepts and product ideas in China. Now, the company has a research and development team of over 150 professionals. Through financing and equity alliance, the company was able to transfer its research products based business units into operating subsidiaries.

In addition to strong and independent R&D capabilities, the company's new product and technical services had recently made breakthrough in various fields, including 3D visual inspection, smart visual navigation, film and TV production, virtual reality, smart city, and smart education, allowing Eyevolution to release series of product in the future that meet the changing and evolving technological demand of each industry Furthermore, the company values its collaboration with industry leaders, which can be demonstrated through its cooperation with leading artificial intelligence companies such as SIASUN robot and iFLYTEK Collectively with these partner companies, Eyevolution had received the gold award for innovation at China International Industry Fair (CIIF) and other events

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