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Good news | Warm congratulations to Aiguan Vision for winning the 2023 Hefei High tech Zone Eagle Enterprise award

2023-12-22 394 Source:爱观视觉

Recently, Hefei High tech Zone announced the recognition results of high growth enterprises for 2023, and Aiguan Vision was awarded the honor of "2023 Hefei High tech Zone Young Eagle Enterprise". "Young Eagle Enterprise" refers to a scientific and technological enterprise that has been registered for no more than 10 years, has independent intellectual property rights, has certain progressiveness technology, and has great potential for future development. The acquisition of this title is not only a recognition of the achievements made by the company since its establishment, but also an incentive for the development of the enterprise.

Certificate of 2023 Hefei High tech Zone Eagle Enterprise

Anhui Eyevolution Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Anhui Aiguan Visual Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. Dr. Zhang Xiaolin, the founder, led his team to engage in research on machine vision, bionic control, and neural networks for more than 20 years. He redefined machine vision from the perspective of neurobionics, and his proposed bionic binocular vision has a huge disruptive effect on existing visual products from an application perspective, It plays a good role in promoting and driving the application of machine vision in various industries.

On the basis of independent research and development technology, the company has achieved breakthroughs in the application of new products and technical services in fields such as 3D visual inspection, intelligent visual navigation, film and television shooting and production, virtual reality, smart cities, intelligent education, etc., and will gradually launch a series of products to meet the technological needs of industry updates.

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