"eye" for robot" -The 18th China International Industry Fair

Source:      Date:2017-11-27 19:32:36

In November 1, 2016, Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center ushered in the annual China International Industrial exposition. On the first day of the 2016 Expo, SIASUN as China's largest robot industrialization base, exhibited its new products, arms collaboration robot, light load composite robot and other series. Huge crowds of people, become a beautiful landscape of the first day of the exhibition. Whereas the robot “eye” within the new product “dual arm cooperative robot” exhibited by SIASUN, is one of the bionic binocular vision products independently developed by our company

The movable binocular product is developed based on intensive study of bionic structure, motor nerve control system of human eye, which has the characteristics of anti-shock, object detection and recognition, tracking, 3D reconstruction and so on, so that to provide solutions on reliable, high performance, versatile and intelligent vision system for robots, drones, unmanned vehicles, security and other fields.